Garden Photography Tips

gardenGarden photography has always been, since the beginning of it, one of the most used photographic styles, made and displayed. Without a doubt, capturing the beauty of our environment and capturing those places that we love so much when we visit them is one of the situations in which photography becomes more used and patent. We will collect tips for understanding and achieving quality photographs of finished gardens and garden design in the UK.

Types of garden photography

First of all we have to know that garden photography is often associated with photography of finished gardens and garden design. The fact is that within this style encompasses all types of garden, whether it be natural gardening, urban, or any type of it. The best way to understand or resolve our doubt is always to realize what is the reason to photograph and therefore which will be the goal of the photo shoot.

That is why, due to this, and before starting to take a photograph of this style (and indeed of anyone) we should try to preview in our head, and with our eyes, the photograph we want to make. More if possible in this type of photography; in which the study of the area, hours, light and environment interferes with the final result of the shot.

The location of the garden design also matters a lot. Taking pictures of professional garden design in West London will be different than photos of a run down old garden in a poor area.

Night or day for garden photos

The choice between day or night will make factors such as natural or artificial lighting key in getting good garden pictures.
Garden photography can be associated with any type of ecosystem or environment, and therefore the time of the same matter. We must take into account in the preparation of it, although an area can be great for the day, at night it does not have to be, or vice versa.

The choice between day or night, will make factors such as natural or artificial lighting are very important when it comes to any of our alternatives. Needless to say at the time of using one or other parameters, or one or other accessories.

Required equipment

Garden photography is usually a discipline that usually requires one of the most extensive equipment. The main reason is the great variability of environments that we can face and the innumerable situations of it. In spite of everything, there is a basic and important equipment that we should never leave at home if we want to get a quality photograph.

There is a basic and important equipment that we should never leave at home if we want to get a quality photograph
The main thing to get a garden photograph will be to have a camera with BULB mode or at least one camera that we can configure with slow shutter values. Although we can get compositions or photographs with fast shutter values, the availability of this is important because we are going to face situations where light.

What Happens on your Big Day?

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To address your queries before hiring a photographer, let me answer those common and frequently asked questions.


What is your style of photography?

80 to 90% of pictures I take are documentary style. It is focused on capturing candid moments during your wedding day – from the preparation to the reception. I put all these shots in a narrative presentation. 10% are photo shoots of the couple before the wedding. Many couples want shots as they appear fresh and not harried. The other 10% are posed shots or group shots as tradition dictates and most certainly would please the parents.


Do you travel for weddings outside the city or country?

As a former photojournalist, I have travelled almost everywhere and there’s nothing I would trade the studio for a day or two for than do your destination wedding.

 How do you present your albums? When do we get them?

Expect to get engagement and wedding photos 4 weeks after the date. It will be sent to your Gallery. 2 to 3 weeks for the album consultation and photo proofing. 12 to 14 weeks for the final album.


Should we see each other before the ceremony?

Absolutely. We arrange a 10 to 20 minutes meet up dressed up. Couples talk, relax and enjoy each other before facing the crowd and day ahead. Pictures during this time are fresh  and stunning.


Are other guests allowed to take pictures with their gadgets? It is not a problem. However, in the name of documenting the event, we will be announcing to all guests before the wedding about our task of documenting the wedding and that in no way are we to be interfered.


We may want to give you a shot list.

While I use documentary style, I use my own way of capturing those moments. 6 weeks before the wedding, you must give a list of family and guest for identification and for photos to be taken.


For payments schedules, retainer and insurance issues, let’s talk further when you email me.


My Favorite Wedding Venues in London

Part of planning for an unforgettable wedding day is choosing the best location that will fit the attendees of the ceremony and the guests coming in for the reception. These places are favoured and well liked:

Drakes Brighton.

A great place for an intimate wedding and reception while feeling the sea breeze.

Capacity: 40


The Great Hall

Used to be known as Leyton Town Hall, this lovely and grand place has been renovated and is perfect for large wedding receptions. Its area is around 3,000 square feet and the ceilings display Victorian Brass chandeliers.

Capacity: 300

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One Mayfair

Near Oxford Street, this venue with its high ceilings and stained glass windows has hosted many events. It is the venue for a classic theme.

Capacity: 350

midsummer_night_one_mayfair One Mayfair-0171366652466

Cliff Barns

This prairie cum ranch is located in Norfolk.  The Spanish-style courtyard is great for ceremonies. The interior is designed to look like a Mexican hacienda and is designed by Russell Hall.

Capacity: 80

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Somerset House

For a chic style wedding, choose Somerset. It has contemporary design rooms like the Portico Rooms and a Terrace that provides a view of the Thames.

Capacity: 100

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The Bingham

This Georgian townhouse with its serene views is ideal for photo shoots. The Garden rooms is great for weddings.

Capacity: 99

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Lyndon Syon Park

For a massive wedding reception of 500 guests, the Grand Syon Ballroom in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is located in the wide Syon Park. The hotel boasts of luxurios designs special the Murano chandeliers that provides a fantastic backdrop.


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Gravetye Manor

Ideal for garden weddings, this huge location holds 35 acres of gardens.

Capacity: 60

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Stowe Landscape Gardens Buckinghamshire

The famous landscaped gardens of Stowe is inspirational. In fact, many artists and writers choose the place to gather ideas for their craft.

Capacity: 100 (ceremony), 100(reception)

IMG_5464 stowe-landscape-ga_1658321i

The Trafalgar Hotel

To be married in the centre of the city is most convenient. Trafalgar Hotel has a fabulous rooftop bar to view the sights of the city and enjoy an intimate reception.

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